Vladivostok Sea Fishing Port handled 4.54 million of cargo in 2018

In 2018, Vladivostok Sea Fishing Port (Vladmorrybport OJSC) handled 4.54 million of cargo (+14%, year-on-year), says the stevedoring company. The growth was registered in all key segments of transshipment: containers – 182,574 TEUs (+16.3%), fish — 330,000 tonnes (+21.4%), metal scrap — 440,700 (+8.5%). Читать далее

Bogies ordered for Sakhalin gauge conversion

Transmashholding’s Tver plant has been awarded a contract to supply 138 broad gauge bogies to Sakhalin to facilitate the regauging of passenger rolling stock. This forms part of the programme to convert the island’s rail network from 1 067 mm narrow gauge to the 1 520 mm broad gauge used on the Russian mainland. Читать далее

Sakhalin authorities ready to grant preferences to Japanese businessmen

Russia’s Sakhalin Region plans to expand its economic ties with Japan, particularly to consider the possibility of granting preferences to Japanese businessmen, Acting Governor of Russia’s Sakhalin Region Valery Limarenko told TASS on Wednesday. Читать далее

Today’s Arctic is Nothing but the Desired Treasure Land

It’s curious that some people do not fully grasp the fact that the Arctic is so much more than a barren frozen desert or the proverbial homeland of Santa Claus. According to American geological experts, under its impending vastness the Arctic region hides up to 30% of world’s undiscovered gas reserves along with 13% of undiscovered oil reserves. Further still, there’s all sorts of treasures to be found underneath the permafrost: gold, zinc, nickel, platinum and all sorts of other minerals the total worth of which is estimated to reach trillions of dollars. In the future, the number of states willing to stake a claim in the Arctic is going to increase steadily, as resources of the continental America and Eurasia will eventually get depleted, информирует «Тихоокеанская Россия», ТоРосс Читать далее

Japanese airline ANA starts regular daily flights to Moscow and Vladivostok

Japanese airline All Nippon Airways (ANA) starts regular daily flights to Moscow and Vladivostok. They can start as early as 2019 fiscal year (starts on April 1). The exact date to start the flights is not yet disclosed since ANA authorized representatives are not available on the occasion of a national holiday. Читать далее

The Vladivostok Phenomenon: Should Russia Eliminate Visa Requirements for Chinese Tourists?

Four years ago, the Russian government did something surprisingly important: it launched a visa-free travel regime with South Korea for stays of up to 60 days. Since then, the economic windfall from that decision has far exceeded expectations — at least for Vladivostok. The Far Eastern port city has become a favored destination for Korean tourists, which has transformed the cityscape and helped to develop local business. Читать далее