Andre Vltchek: Why the West Cannot Stomach Russians

Запад не может примириться с Россией, поскольку она, подобно зеркалу, своим человеколюбием указывает ему же на лживый характер его естества, что и обуславливает новый взлёт русофобии в США и Европе, пишет американский режиссер и журналист Андре Влчек:

When it comes to Russia or the Soviet Union, reports and historical accounts do get blurry; in the West they do, and consequently in all of its ‘client states’.

Fairytales get intermingled with reality, while fabrications are masterfully injected into sub consciousness of billions of people worldwide. Russia is an enormous country, in fact the largest country on Earth in terms of territory. It is scarcely inhabited. It is deep, and as a classic once wrote: “It is impossible to understand Russia with one’s brain. One could only believe in it.” Читать далее

Phil Butler: How the American Coalition SCROOGED the World

In September 2015 Russian air forces began hammering ISIS in Syria at the orders of Russian President Vladimir Putin. Two years later the world’s most dreaded terror has been all but eradicated. This year the world has received one of the best Christmas presents ever. Unfortunately, Ebenezer Scrooge either wants to take credit for the gift, or steal the gift back. Here’s the short story of how the world is being SCROOGED this holiday season, информирует «Тихоокеанская Россия», ТоРосс. Читать далее

Deena Stryker: A Good Day for Mankind

Today is one rare day: Not only did a Democrat win a special election in Alabama, sparing the US the embarrassment of having to seat a child predator in the US Senate; despite Donald Trump’s recent claim that talking to Rocket Man would be a waste of time, Rex Tillerson announced that the US would meet with the North Korean president without preconditions, after Vladimir Putin offered to mediate, информирует «Тихоокеанская Россия», ТоРосс. Читать далее

Russia is Developing its Own Subsea Production Technology

Подводный робот

Russia has announced the development of its own subsea production technology. The move is part of the nation’s plan to reduce dependence on imported products in its oil and gas industry in the face of sanctions enacted in response to its annexation of Crimea. Читать далее

Russia’s Yakutia may use American Cessna planes at local routes

Cessna Aircraft

Yakutia’s Association of Local Aviation suggests using the US Cessna planes for serving the regional routes. According to the association’s co-chair and Yakutia’s lawmaker Viktor Fedorov, by using those planes the republic could cut the fares by half. Читать далее

Composite Shipbuilding LLC and IGE Yachts discussed delivery of high-speed catamaran Pacifico Voyager 117

Pacifico Voyager 117

Composite Shipbuilding LLC, resident of the Free Port of Vladivostok, and IGE Yachts (Republic of Korea), leader in sales of yachts and marine equipment in the Southeast Asia, held a meeting in Vladivostok on 2 December 2017 and discussed the development of an export contract for the delivery of a high-speed catamaran of Project Pacifico Voyager 117. Читать далее