Russian Frontal Aviation Arms. Order of Battle: 11th Air and Air Defence Army, Khabarovsk

Russian Eastern Military District

In late 2013, the Russian Frontal Aviation reverted to its pre-2009 regimental/divisional/Air Army set-up inherited from the Cold War-era. The Russian Air and Air Defence Commands (A&ADCs) will revert back to the four separate Air and Air Defence Armies that had existed until 2009. The 1st Air and Air Defence Command being transformed into the 6th Air Army, the 2nd as the 14th Air Army, the 3rd as the 11th Air Army and the 4th as the 4th Air Army. Читать далее

The Russian Marine Corps

The Russian Marine Corps

The Russian Marine Corps

In 1991 the Soviet Navy’s Marine Corps (Morskaya Pekhota) was 15,000-strong and consisted of five major units: the 55th Marine Division assigned to the Pacific Fleet, the 61st and 175th Marine Brigades of the Northern Fleet, the 810th Marine Brigade of the Black Sea Fleet, and the 336th Marine Brigade of the Baltic Fleet. Читать далее

Учёные из Владивостока бьют тревогу: пресноводным экосистемам юга Дальнего Востока угрожают изменения состояния окружающей среды

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Журнал «Knowledge and Management of Aquatic Ecosystems» («Познание и управление водными экосистемами») опубликовал статью учёных из Владивостока, посвящённую экологическим проблемам Дальнего Востока. Авторы – главный научный сотрудник лаборатории пресноводной гидробиологии Биолого-почвенного института ДВО РАН, член-корреспондент РАН Виктор Богатов и Александр Федоровский из Дальневосточного федерального университета, отмечают, что пресноводные экосистемы юга Дальнего Востока России подвержены влиянию экстремальных условий окружающей среды, особенно наводнений и засухи, информирует «Тихоокеанская Россия», ТоРосс. Читать далее

«We are in a time machine»: russian sailors, captured by border guards, described North Korea

Гоночная яхта. Фотография с сайта

The crew of sailing yacht «Elfin» (Vladivostok) in the air «Public Primorye television» told about his adventures in the DPRK earlier coastal sailors on a tip from local fishermen detained by border guards, — informs «Pacific Russia». Читать далее

Russia, AIIB May Announce Joint Projects at Eastern Economic Forum

На Восточном экономическом форуме

It was earlier announced that Russia presented 16 investment projects for the Far East to the AIIB, with an estimated combined value of $8 billion, including developing infrastructure along the Northern Sea Route, informs «Pacific Russia». Читать далее

Silver Bear Announces Mineral Resource Update for Mangazeisky North Deposit at the Mangazeisky Silver Project, Yakutia, Russia

Silver Bear Resources Inc. («Silver Bear» or the «Company») (TSX:SBR) is pleased to announce a National Instrument 43-101 («NI 43-101″) Mineral Resource Update for its Mangazeisky North deposit within the Mangazeisky silver property, informs «Pacific Russia». Читать далее

Alrosa boosts output, revenue and forecasts brighter times for the diamond sector

Russia’s Alrosa (MCX:ALRS), the world’s top diamond producer by output in carats, is painting a «bright» outlook for the market and expects demand to start exceeding supply after 2019, informs «Pacific Russia». Читать далее

Russian Bomber Pilots Destroy Simulated Enemy Airfields in Night Drills

The frontline bomber crew worked out the course of action in emergency situations, maneuver elements and evasion from fighter aircraft attacks, as well as high- and ultra-low-altitude defense penetration, Col. Alexander Gordeev told reporters, informs «Pacific Russia». Читать далее