Presentation of the magazine Asia-Pacific Journal of Marine Science & Education was held in Vladivostok

Research and Education Center for International Studies of sea (SEC MMI) of the Maritime State University (MSU). adm. G.I. Nevelsky made a presentation of the university magazine «Asia-Pacific Journal of Marine Science & Education», which summed up the kind of four years of work of the editorial board of scientific publications, informs «Pacific Russia».

In the reading room of the Scientific and Technical Information Center met the magazine’s writers, representatives of the faculty of MSU, FEFU Dalrybvtuza, FEB RAS scientists, graduate and undergraduate students.

Welcoming remarks on behalf of the rector of the pro-rector for International Relations and Development Y.G. Zhuravel. Youri noted the importance of university scientific journal for networking and exchange of scientists Maritime University with foreign colleagues, promotion of the university in the Asia-Pacific — with the ultimate goal of creating in the region a zone of peace, cooperation, joint research and multilateral economic projects.

English language in which the magazine, makes it possible in the future, hoping to expand readership and author of the expense of colleagues from foreign universities. Already a member of the editorial board and reviewers are distinguished scholars and experts practitioners from Japan, Korea, China, Mongolia. In the short term — the establishment of large-scale cooperation with colleagues from the Vietnam Maritime University (VIMARU, city of Hai Phong).

With priority near-term prospects and directions of the present executive editor introduced N.I. Pereslavtsev.

They noted such problems faced by the magazine as providing the scientific staff of the Far East the possibility of publishing their work in an authoritative, capable to reach foreign consumers of information-analytical publication. From this derive more ambitious goals, such as: the formation in the eyes of Russian and international public image of Moscow State University. adm. GI Nevelsky as the leading expert organization on marine activities, as well as contributing to the development of the Russian Far East by offering a variety of innovative and technological projects in this area.

N.I. Pereslavtsev stressed the importance of expanding readership of the magazine, which requires varied forms of work, to differentiate the theme, highlighting the most interesting to the widest possible audience.

Among the themes were identified:

- The history of marine geographic research in the Far East and Eastern Arctic;

- Stories about the most marked in the history of the Far Eastern Territory and Vladivostok ships and their crews;

- Discussion discussion of topical issues for the scientific audience.

Maybe all of the above areas will be displayed in the appropriate places or thematic issues, formed upon receipt of the relevant materials.

With interest was further meeting was followed by a statement from one of the most active authors of the journal of the candidate of technical sciences N.G. Levchenko, who thanked the members of the editorial board for the great help in the preparation of coming from it and other contributors for their publication in English.

The importance of communication of scientific and educational activities, the role of the journal in improving the quality of training at all levels of the marine industry devoted his speech Head of SEC MMI S.M. Smirnov. He emphasized the great help and input from foreign experts working at the Institute of International Education Nevelskoy — Professor Cho San Hooke from the Republic of Korea and came from the United States as a fellow of the «Fulbright» English teacher Rabia Newton.

«It just so happened that the English — the language of international scientific communication, for sailors as a good command of English is a requirement for success in their professional activities. And the project of the magazine «Asia-Pacific Journal of Marine Science & Education» is gradually becoming an innovative component of language education», — said S.M. Smirnov.

About how the magazine is adapted to the requirements in the XXI century requirements for modern media resources told Researcher SEC MMI SA Barannikova. She informed the meeting about the forms of publication of the magazine on the Internet, and also spoke about the use of the increasingly universal popularity of social networking to expand readership, improve the quality of learning a foreign language students and students of the Moscow State University. adm. G.I. Nevelsky.

In December 2014 in the pages of the network FaceBook announced an open competition «Best commentator» and «Best agitator.» Vice Rector for Development and International Activities YG Juravel presented prizes to the winners — students group 216.31 FEIT Marine Institute of Information Technology University of Victoria and Andrew Kraskovsky Chuyko. It is symbolic that both the winner — the future specialists in the field of mobile communication, and the prizes they got «mobile» — a modern smartphone and tablet computer DEXPIxion iRU. It is worth noting also that the prizes — Russian production, in no way inferior products famous foreign brands. But their names — in English, and this is also the realities of the XXI century.

At the end of each meeting, participants were presented with the electronic versions of the latest issue of the magazine, supplemented by video presentation of «Far Eastern Floating University» and MSU. adm. G.I. Nevelsky. During the informal dialogue with the exhibition met all publications authors of the journal, the booth prepared by members of STRC.

In conclusion, many participants expressed the view that such activities should be carried out more often to increase interest and awareness of the magazine «Asia-Pacific Journal of Marine Science & Education». In addition, there were several very specific ideas of how and what needs to be done now to university magazine turned into a real portal of knowledge of the marine science and education. So, plan a presentation of the magazine was a success, notes press service of the university

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